The turnkey solution to unlocking the potential of environmental markets

Environmental Trading:

The Future of Asset Management

Renu Environmental stands at the forefront of the competitive landscape thanks to our in-house trading desk. Leveraging market insights, long-standing relationships, and a team of seasoned experts, we offer a range of financial transaction services to maximize environmental credit value for our clients. Our team optimizes the value of carbon and waste reduction project credits by effectively identifying buyers who comprehend and appreciate their positive impact.


Your Credit Revenue Stream, Maximized

Renu’s expert team of asset managers enable companies with a surplus of environmental credits to maximize revenue potential by tracking market trends and executing trades.

This service is available to credit producers whose operations generate environmental credits. Our strong relationships and extensive market reach spans markets including compliance carbon, voluntary carbon, EAC, plastics, and more. The trading desk team operates with a keen understanding of market dynamics ensuring optimal execution and risk management for every transaction.

Progress Over Perfection

Sustainability and profitability aren’t mutually exclusive. Renu can source high quality credits to help you reach net zero today.

When you’re on the path to net zero the goal can seem daunting. Whether you’re in a voluntary market or a compliance market you can supplement your emission reduction efforts by purchasing credits from external projects that support your sustainability goals. Renu can access the most liquid marketplaces and source favorable pricing for specific environmental commodity types.

Project Funding:
A Molehill not a Mountain

Sustainability projects can appear daunting but when you engage Renu to forward sell your project’s environmental credits you can turn your strategy into your reality with ease.

Like in traditional commodity markets, forward sale of environmental assets offers immediate liquidity from the expected production of a fully-operational project. By forward selling credits you will have access to the funding that is necessary to get your project off the ground and on the path to profitability.

We specialize in all environmental commodity markets including:

Policy and Market Research

We navigate emerging markets and maneuver through complex regulatory changes in search of opportunities to stay ahead of the shifting environmental financial landscape. Our deep understanding of environmental markets allows Renu to provide curated expert advice to our clients in acquiring quality credits that align with their sustainability goals.

Transparency and Traceability

We provide worldwide access to high-integrity carbon projects developed, operated, and marketed by Renu. Employing a hands-on approach, we actively oversee every stage of a project’s lifecycle to enhance both its climate and social impact. By mitigating delivery risks and ensuring transparency in transactions, we aim to maximize the overall effectiveness of these initiatives.

Vertical Integration

At Renu, we are proud to offer a comprehensive portfolio of services that encompass the entire environmental finance value chain. With the integration of project development, project funding, sustainability consulting, environmental credit generation, and our in-house carbon trading desk, Renu stands apart delivering the highest levels of efficiency and transparency.

Discover how Renu delivers solutions that are good for business and the planet.