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We seek out disruptive technologies and collaborate with inventors to assess their real-world viability.


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We always aim high and our deployment strategies are designed to make the largest impact while optimizing profit. 

Our mission is to bridge the gap between validated technology and its strategic deployment and growth

// Validating Technology

At Renu, we’re driven by the pursuit of renewable technology that promises long-term sustainability. However, breaking into the renewable energy sector presents significant challenges. To overcome these obstacles, we work closely with technology developers, enterprises, and governing bodies striving to bolster the economic feasibility and accessibility of renewable initiatives.

This holistic approach ensures a seamless path from development to implementation, fostering real sustainability and circularity. True progress demands more than just innovation; it requires adaptable technology platforms that can evolve alongside shifting landscapes.

Our expert team helps to navigate and adapt business models in order to integrate fresh solutions into existing infrastructures, driven by market incentives shaped by public and private policies.

// Strategic Deployment

Securing the right funding poses a substantial challenge for emerging technologies. At Renu, our commitment lies in bridging the gap between validated technology and its strategic deployment. Our Renewable Initiatives team brings extensive expertise in renewable technologies and excels in developing sustainability projects globally, offering practical solutions regardless of location.

Through close collaboration with clients, our team takes an active role in identifying and structuring customized financing solutions. Furthermore, our understanding of the financial landscape with local governments, federal bodies, and U.N. accredited registries, allows us to secure every available incentive ensuring the seamless progression of promising innovations from concept to execution.

Renu is integrating innovative technologies in various sectors to foster true circularity


Molecular Recycling

Renu’s recycling technology provides the most impactful solution to our plastic waste problem.



Our biochar is the gold standard holding certifications that no other biochar can claim.


Waste to Energy

We see a world without landfills. All forms of waste can and should be turned into renewable energy.


Zero Emissions

Industrial emissions can be eliminated with regenerative thermal oxidation (RTO) and proprietary CO2 sequestration technology.



Trees act as carbon sinks, storing carbon and releasing oxygen – a forest is nature’s carbon equilibrium. 


Biomass to Renewable Diesel

Implementing clean methods for creating renewable fuels is crucial to reducing the impact of drilling for oil. 


Thermal Desalination

New bolt-on technology can be adapted to any heat column to effectively utilize wasted heat to desalinate water.


Hydrogen Technologies

Championing emerging hydrogen technologies, for production and uses, is vital in transition to clean energy.

Championing a sustainable global future, we help foster the growth of renewable technologies, turning landfills into echoes of the past and forging a path towards true enduring circularity.

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