The solution for plastic waste starts at the molecular level.

Plastic production is increasing and recycling is declining.

How is this sustainable?

Barrels of crude oil are used for plastic production EVERY DAY.
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This equates to 4.3 million metric tonnes of GHG emission daily [we say daily twice].

Tonnes of plastic "leak" into the environment annually.
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That is equivalent to 250 garbage trucks dumping plastics into the ocean/environment every hour.

Tonnes of plastic waste landfilled each year.
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This accounts for over 15% of the methane emission worldwide.

In transforming plastics, we will revolutionize recycling, rendering landfills obsolete.

Traditional recycling, or mechanical recycling, has been unsuccessful with less than 9% of the world’s plastics being recycled.

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Mechanical recycling is actually “downcycling;” in that recycled plastics degrade in quality until they are no longer recyclable.
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Our technology alters the physical form of plastics at the molecular level breaking them down to their original components.

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These raw material “building blocks” can be used to make new polymers suitable for high-quality plastic production.
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Renu’s process is clean and safe with no combustion, chemical additives, or odors leaving zero environmental impact.

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In fact, our patented technology is the only commercial molecular recycling process that operates without emissions.
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With our process, plastics can be infinitely recycled. Not only are we creating circularity, we are defining the benchmark of sustainability.

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Our process is the solution to more than just plastics

Accepting virtually all types of crude oil-based products, we can close the loop for up to 98% of this waste globally.

Medical Waste

Most waste produced by hospitals and labs are made from plastics. Currently, most of this gets landfilled or burned.

Un-Recycled Plastics

We process the plastics that no one typically recycles; from grocery bags
to car bumpers.

Mechanical Oils

Used oils can be processed into new lubricants, renewable fuels, or even into new polymers for plastic production.

Spent Car Tires

Over a BILLION tires are thrown away every year and Renu’s proprietary process can also bring circularity to this industry.

Renu's Zero Emissions Process

Our process is continuous and automated, operating 24/7 with the ability to accept a mixed stream of plastics.
  • 01

    Prep Station

    Plastic waste goes through pre-processing and size reduction to prepare them for maximum efficiency and quality.

  • 02

    Down the Line

    Plastics move up the conveyor belt through a series of filters and magnets to remove any non-plastic materials.

  • 03


    Then the plastics go through a pre-heating process for optimal consistency in preparation for the next step.

  • 04

    The Magic

    The perfect thermal environment transforms the plastics into a vapor form, releasing their hydrocarbon molecules.

  • 05


    These hot vapor molecules (like steam) are cooled down as they pass through a condenser turning them into liquid form.

  • 06

    Skim the Fat

    The liquid goes through a series of filters to separate the valuable bio-oils from any water and non-essential gasses.

  • 07

    Ready to Serve

    The final product is blended to ensure consistency, then sent to responsible plastic makers to create circular products.

Our Technology is your Solution


Our Technology is easily scalable with multiple units, can be adapted side-by-side to create large-scale conversion facility capable of processing 500+ tons per day.

Fast Delivery

Because Renu is the direct manufacturer of our technology, we are able to streamline the process and deliver units in a matter of months, not years.


Renu’s leasing program eliminates the large upfront capital expense typical for this type of technology allowing more profits and a high IRR.


Our technology was developed 20 years ago and has been commercially proven. We continue to refine the process and had a new US patent granted in 2023. 

Have Plastic Waste?

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